Have you ever had that MIRROR MOMENT where you wake up one day, go into the bathroom to start your morning routine, and you glance at yourself in the mirror and you don't recognize the person staring back at you?

The focused, fearless, confident, driven person you used to be is gone. Now all you see is despair, confusion, fear, and hopelessness and you're standing there wondering WHAT HECK HAPPENED?

What happened to my drive? What happened to my motivation? What happened to my confidence? WHAT HAPPENED TO ME??? 

As a woman who has had a MIRROR MOMENT on several occasions, I can tell you that LIFE HAPPENS TO ALL OF US but how we CHOOSE to respond determines our success. As a woman who

  • was molested at the age of 9

  • became a mother of two by the age of 22

  • won a WNBA Championship and lost my mom by the age of 23

  • won a 2nd WNBA Championship, got married & divorced by the age of 24

  • lost jobs, cars, and homes

  • survived narcissistic abuse

  • was diagnosed with severe depression & anxiety


 I can tell you from personal experience that getting back up again IS NOT EASY. t is not easy to CHOOSE to get back up after life has knocked you down over and over and over again. It is not easy to CHOOSE to live again when you have seen your dreams die right before your eyes. It's not easy to CHOOSE to love again when the love of your life leaves you. It's not easy to CHOOSE to believe in yourself when you have made one bad decision after another. 


It is not easy...but it is necessary!! You have to CHOOSE to get up again. You owe it to your family. You owe to the millions of people who are waiting on your gift. You owe it to YOU. 


With the right tools, strategies AND support, you can get back to being the confident, fearless, focused woman of action you used to be. It won't be easy but it will be worth it. I know because I did it. A year after losing my "dream job", having my vehicle repossessed, and moving in with my sister, I CHOSE to GET BACK UP! I decided to do the work to get my confidence back. I got my drive back. I got my focus back. I got my faith back. I landed a six-figure job, got a new vehicle, and re-established my business to help women like you get your FOCUS back, get your CONFIDENCE back, get your DRIVE back....GET YOUR BOUNCE BACK!!


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