"Everything Rises and Falls on Leadership" -  that statement has been validated throughout the years as we see companies, teams, and organizations fall due to poor leadership.


I have been a part of several high performing teams as both an athlete and a coach and there is one thing that stands true - A team or organization is only as good as its leader. In order for a team or organization to be at its best, its leaders must be at their individual and collective best.

Our Leadership Coaching is designed to guide your leaders through the transformational process of discovering your Genius Leadership Ability through:

  • Self-awareness of your strengths, as well as your blindspots

  • Developing a meaningful personal purpose statement, and defining your individual core principles.

  • Building Personal Resilience

  • Creating a plan to meet goals and objectives

  • Improved Communication & Relationships

  • Applying new learning to current challenges

This approach is based on the belief that each person, each leader, is uniquely made, and for a unique purpose.  Unlocking your Genius is the key to transformation. Our program is typically 8 weeks for leaders at every level. Customized development plans are available for more complex needs.



Regardless of how much success you have achieved you always have the potential to achieve more. World class athletes, CEO's, executives, entrepreneurs, and politicians understand the value of personal coaching to further their careers. If you have hit a plateau in your life, or you are just are unsure of how to move forward, personal coaching is the best way to break through those mental barriers that are keeping you stuck. 

Some of the MAJOR benefits of Personal Coaching:

  • Clarity of Purpose

  • Confidence to Break Through Limitation

  • Better Quality Relationships with Yourself and Others

  • Resilience to Overcome Challenges

  • Break the Negative Patterns that are Holding You Back

Our Coaching approach is rooted in Self-Awareness - knowing not only who you are and what you want to achieve, but also understanding where you are currently and the decisions and actions that got you here. Because this is a 4-Week Intensive Laser Coaching Program designed to focus on ONE specific area of improvement, only 4 clients are accepted into this program per quarter (maximum 16 per year) and must complete a screening process. 



The best way to create a competitive advantage is to develop High Performing Teams throughout your organization. High performing teams are empowered and accountable teams that execute strategy, meet goals, and deliver superior results on a consistent basis. 

Utilizing some of the same strategies employed by championship NBA, NFL, and WNBA teams, our organizational training programs are customized to develop strong team leaders who are able to increase innovation, improve collaboration, and develop high level strategies to solve complex problems while increasing engagement and improving communication among team members​.

Our Performance Improvement Training helps teams:

  • Identify Performance Gaps

  • Discover Strengths & Identity

  • Improve Ability to Execute More Quickly

  • Increasing Resilience & Building Mental Strength

  • Increase Creativity 

  • Improve Communication within Teams & Across Departments

  • Build Better Relationships

We work with you to develop a customized plan that focuses on meeting the immediate needs of your team.



Jason Burton, Head WBB Coach Texas A&M University - Commerce
2020 Lone Star Conference Coach of the Year
2020 Lone Star Conference Champs
Kim Rosamond, Head WBB Coach Tennessee Tech University
2019 Ohio Valley Conference Coach of the Year


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