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it's time you answered!!!


I was an accomplished athlete and college coach who had, all of my life, defied the odds. I became a professional athlete  after having two babies and three knee surgeries in college. I was a championship head college coach earning a six-figure salary with a bright future ahead of me and I walked away from It all. I couldn't take it another day. My mental health was fading fast and day by day I was losing myself.

I had been in difficult situations before but this time I couldn't seem to find the "silver lining". I was in a toxic work environment and to say I wasn't happy was an understatement. Everyday I had to psyche myself into getting out of bed. Finally, I woke up one day, looked in the mirror, and the focused fearless confident woman that I used to be was gone I didn't know how to get her back.

On paper, I was a beast. I had won two WNBA Championships. I earned several advanced degrees and was in the process of completing my PhD. I had two published books under my belt, had won conference coach of the year, and was positioning myself for a great professional speaking career.  My social media accounts painted a picture of strength and confidence. From the outside looking in, I had a great life. But no one knew that I had a secret. I felt like I was losing my mind. I lost all interest in coaching the game that I loved. I didn't started different projects but couldn't finish them. I sabotaged opportunity after opportunity. All of my life I camouflaged my paralyzing lack of self esteem with achievement. 

Nothing could make up for me feeling like I wasn't good enough.

If you have always been a "go-getter" and you've always been told that you will succeed at whatever you decide to do and for the most part you have and you have the education, you've accomplished a few things in your career and in your personal life, yet, you seem to have lost direction for this phase of your life....I WANT TO TALK TO YOU!

On the surface you seem to have it all together. But underneath it all, you struggle to find the confidence to reach that next level of success. 

I'm Yolanda Moore, The Resilience Coach, and I specialize in helping women JUST LIKE YOU silence their inner mean girl, get out of fear, stop the self-sabotage and live the fun and purpose-filled life you deserve

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Jason Burton


Coach of the Year Finalist

Working with Yolanda and her team was the best thing i've done for my team as a head basketball coach. She broke down our DISC assessments and helped us to understand our players better and how to best motivate them without the pushback


CEO/Innovative Global
Security Solution

Winning two WNBA championships is an exceptional accomplishment, but it is Yolanda's life as a leader that has made the greatest impact.


Assistant Women's College

Basketball Coach

I was 21 transitioning out of one of the hardest times of my life when God blessed me with Coach Moore. She prepared me for my first job as a college assistant coach. I am a reflection of her.

“Coach Moore is the epitome of one who was knocked down and got back up again and again. As a result, she is an authority on the power of resiliency and leveraging one’s pain for profit. I highly recommend any organization or individual seeking to rebuild, bounce back from loss or create a winning culture seek her expertise. “

World Renowned Speaker | Author | Minister


For questions & general inquiries please email: info@yolanda-moore.com